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West Maui And Half Way To Hana

This day begins by taking us around and exploring the winding cliff roads of west Maui. This route, though not for the timid, boasts great rewards for those brave enough to go. We start the day exploring the magical jungles in northern region of the west Maui mountains. The canopy here is dense and magical and the trees, covered with vines, beg to be climbed and played amongst. This area also boasts some of the greatest surf on the island. There may be an opportunity to see some epic waves or possibly dolphins or manta rays that have come into the bay to get a break from the violent sea outside. From here, we continue on to investigate an anomaly that truly dazzles! A natural "blowhole" that explodes from a beautiful lava field around west Maui! Due to gasses escaping during the flow of magma, Maui has an underwater lava cave that, with the right combination of winds and waves create a geyser like experience that can escalate upwards of 60ft! A truly remarkable sight! We may also have the opportunity to visit beautiful pristine pools that rest in the lava rock along the coast. These pools lay within a lava field bordered on 3 sides by the powerful waves of the open ocean crashing wildly. If the conditions allow, we can swim in these spectacular serene pools and enjoy the majesty of the seascape around us. The drive around west Maui is absolutely stunning and the terrain is truly remarkable. We will see wild jutting lava rock formations, red rock cliffs and sweeping sea and landscapes that are breathtaking as we meander in and out of the spectacular valleys along the coast. We may also explore some waterfalls on this beautiful journey. As the road nears beautiful Iao valley, the arid sea cliffs begin to once again get lush with jungle life and flowing rivers. Here we have the opportunity to swim in some of the purest waters as it cascades in waterfalls around us. At this point we will continue our journey on the infamous Hana Highway whose narrow winding road bestow a bevy of unique and amazing experiences and adventures. We will start by stopping in a charming north shore town where we will find something fresh and local to set up and eat at a beautiful beach where turtles frequently emerge from the water to rest right up on the shore! Wind, kite and surf is very popular here as well and will likely be an amazing spectacle while we enjoy our lunch and refuel for the adventures that lie ahead! First stop, we can explore a beautiful bamboo forest and completely immerse ourselves in its canopy as well as view some of its magical waterfalls. We will see the magnificent and unique rainbow eucalyptus trees as we continue along and perhaps get an opportunity to play amongst them. Now that we’ve digested our lunch, it’s time to really see what you’re made of; a 20 foot jump into the beautiful mineral pool beneath one of the most magical waterfalls you’ll ever see! If you’re not a jumper, a swim is never a bad idea. The refreshing water is sure to breath new life into you to help continue our day with enthusiasm! From here we continue along toward Kaenae; a quiet and remote town that focuses on fishing, hunting and farming to support their beautiful and simple way of life. Here we will see a magnificent lava field where waves crash wildly against the rocks. We can explore tide pools and see what sea life has found their way into these tiny preserves in the rock. In this area is also a beautiful black sand beach. Surrounded on both sides by lush valleys and thick bamboo, this beach is truly magical. We can even visit a lava tube! Equipped with head lamps we can step into the earth through an opening in the rock and explore how gasses from the earths core have molded to create a tunnel that leads to a wild finish on the other side! Two diverse landscapes and terrains all in one day! A truly remarkable and complete experience!