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Road To Hana

The "Road to Hana" is a "must do" when coming to Maui. This long, narrow and winding road boasts some of the most unique and special opportunities to explore on this whole island. There is so much to do it is rare people get to more than the 7 sacred pools at the National park... But we won't even bother with heavy traffic spots like that... With us it's all about the privacy and quietude of the experience and your connection to nature without the crowds and the tourist drama. We will start by stopping in a charming north shore town where we will visit a beautiful beach where turtles frequently emerge from the water to rest right up on the shore! Wind, kite and surf is very popular here as well and will likely be an amazing spectacle setting the stage for the tremendous adventure ahead! We can then explore a beautiful bamboo forest and completely immerse ourselves in its canopy as well as possibly view some of its magical waterfalls. We will see the magnificent and unique rainbow eucalyptus trees as we continue along and perhaps get an opportunity to play amongst them. If you’re the adventurous type, now we have the chance to swim and even jump from some waterfalls! The mineral rich water is amazingly refreshing and the experience of letting go from 20 feet above a pristine pool is something I’m certain you will not soon forget! From here we continue along toward Kaenae; a quiet and remote town that focuses on fishing, hunting and farming to support their beautiful and simple way of life. Here we will see a magnificent lava field where waves crash wildly against the rocks. We can explore tide pools and see what sea life has found their way into these tiny preserves in the rock. There are numerous caves and lava tubes we can explore along this route and we are equipped with headlamps if you are daring enough to indulge! And all of this before lunch! Once we hit Hana there are numerous places that serve everything the land and sea out there has to offer. Fresh and local with portions that far outweigh the meager cost. If it was caught, farmed or hunted that week it is what they are serving; and we know the spots that will meet just what you’re craving:) A whole other awesome way to experience the special side of this beautiful island. After we eat, it’s time to walk it off as we go to explore red and black sand beaches. As magical and beautiful as they are peaceful; here we can rest and relax as we listen to the waves lap against the colorful shores. Once we are rested, there is still much more; from sea cliffs to jump from to new waterfalls to play in, the adventure continues! We will have the opportunity to feed beautiful horses along the roadside or even to visit the final resting place of Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator who chose to be buried out in this jungle paradise. Now, as your energy begins to fade from all the wild adventuring, we now begin the journey around to the back road from Hana; a rough and rugged, narrow dirt road that rental cars are forbidden to drive. Known as the off road area, the terrain slowly morphs from lush green jungle to expansive lava fields and rolling cattle pastures. Trees disappear and give way to low grasses and expansive sea and landscapes opening up to view the Big Island only 30 miles across the channel! Cows roam freely often walking in the road and goats and deer run wild in this canyon riddled lava land. The ride is truly spectacular and we will stop to take it all in as we walk up a beautiful cynder cone where your guide will chop open a fresh coconut for you to enjoy as you watch the sun slowly setting. This is truly a complete day that highlights the magic and majesty of Maui!