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The journey to Kaenae takes us on the infamous Hana Highway whose narrow winding road bestow a bevy of unique and amazing experiences and adventures. We will start by stopping in a charming north shore town where we will visit a beautiful beach where turtles frequently emerge from the water to rest right up on the shore! Wind, kite, and surf is very popular here as well and will likely be an amazing spectacle setting the stage for the tremendous adventure ahead! We can then explore a beautiful bamboo forest and completely immerse ourselves in its canopy as well as view some of its magical waterfalls. We will see the magnificent and unique rainbow eucalyptus trees as we continue along and perhaps get an opportunity to play amongst them. From here we continue along toward Kaenae; a quiet and remote town that focuses on fishing, hunting, and farming to support their beautiful and simple way of life. Here we will see a magnificent lava field where waves crash wildly against the rocks. We can explore tide pools and see what sea life have found their way into these tiny preserves in the rock. In this area is also a beautiful black sand beach. Surrounded on both sides by lush valleys and thick bamboo, this beach is truly magical. Finally, we will visit a beautiful waterfall… or 2! Swim, jump and play within the mineral-rich waters! The perfect finish to a magical day!