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The road up this beautiful volcano is truly remarkable and often has one questioning if they are on a tropical island or in the countryside of some quaint mountain town. From free roaming cattle to forests of eucalyptus, we will drive up, up, up through it all until we reach some beautiful trails to explore on foot. We can do 2 different small hikes. 1 from peak elevation and another a bit further down the mountain. From here it looks like you are entering another world! The topography is like that of being on the moon with rolling red and black sands, and craters all around. The other hike is at a lower elevation where thick indemic flora, from ferns to Christmas berries rise to waist high and pheasant and nene (rare endangered Hawaiian goose) reside and fly amongst us. Here we make it to a ridge line with sloping drops on either side where clouds dance below us as the winds push them about. The view and the experience is truly majestic! (Sunset: instead of 2 hikes we would do 1 and after we will head to the 10,000 ft mark where we will settle in above the clouds to enjoy the setting of the sun! A beautiful and magical end to a truly remarkable day)